A legendary name in the industry, Mr. Gasket offers much more than just gaskets. The Mr. Gasket brand also provides a variety of performance and racing products for all parts of your vehicle including: carburetor and fuel accessories, chrome-plated accessories, cooling system accessories, engine components, ignition and electrical accessories, shifter accessories, specialty tools, suspension and driveline components. Mr. Gasket also includes a complete line of Ultra-Seal gaskets and fasteners.

Mr. Gasket is now part of the The Prestolite Performance Group. Prestolite is a manufacturer, not just a re-distributor of products. They conceptualize, develop, manufacture and market their products in their own facilities, where actual enthusiasts are involved in the process first-hand. Their alliances with proven top engine builders and performance product development specialists have allowed Prestolite to offer the most high-tech products available. With a few diversified brands in their family, they offer a wide spectrum of race-proven products to make your car look better and go faster. From ignition products to gaskets, suspension, clutches and everything in between, they’ve got your performance needs covered.


Mickey Thompson Performance Tires designs, develops and distributes specialty tires for the street, strip, track, and off-road. Since its founding in 1963, the company has championed many firsts in the tire industry, from wide low-profile street tires to rugged, aggressive-tread off-road tires. Designing and producing innovative tread patterns and compounds to build the best performance tires in the world was their focus then, and is still their focus today.

The company, founded by racing legend Mickey Thompson, is headquartered in Stow, Ohio. In 2004, Mickey Thompson unveiled the ET DRAG WHEEL, a line of 100% forged, lightweight racing wheels that compliment their line of ET DRAG TIRES.

All Mickey Thompson products are warrantied for the life of the product to be free of manufacturers defects.That’s quality you can trust.


For over 40 years, Summit Racing Equipment has set and reset the standard for fast shipping, customer service, and tech expertise. Since the beginning, they’ve followed a simple formula: Give customers the parts they want at a fair price, deliver those parts fast, and back them with the best customer service on the planet.

Shop one of their three huge Retail Stores, located in Tallmadge, Ohio; Sparks, Nevada; and McDonough, Georgia. They’re home to millions of in-stock parts from hundreds of manufacturers, and the industry’s best prices and service!

Jason Davis Race Cars



Davis Race Cars is the long-standing UMTR North Clutch Artist Award Sponsor. Located in Madison, OH, Davis Race cars is a full-service speed shop with expertise in complete race car fabrication. Services include chassis building, certified mild steel and chrome-moly roll cages, rear end set-up, engine services, and more. Call Jason at (440) 417-0071 to discuss your next race car project.

Davis Race Cars
25 Edwards Street, Unit B 
Madison, OH 44057
Phone: (440) 417-0071



Wind-It-Tight Engines in Willard, OH began supporting UMTR North as the Bounty Award Sponsor in 2009 and will continue to do so in 2010. Serving the Ohio area for over 30 years, owner, John Miller, offers full engine machine and repair service. Wind-It-Tight specializes in race and high performance street car engines and also service daily drivers, farm/agriculture, and diesel engines. Give John a call at (419) 933-6535 to discuss your next engine project.

Wind-It-Tight Engines
1706 Olive Road 
Willard, OH 44890
Phone: (419) 933-6535


Hyatt Racing Services



Tim Hyatt of Hyatt Racing Services (HRS) joined as the UMTR Forum sponsor as well as a UMTR North Contingency Sponsor in 2009 and provides outstanding clutch service and support to a majority of UMTR racers. HRS, owned and operated by Tim and Beth Hyatt, is located in Painesville, OH. HRS is a team of racing specialists that provide product sales, together with technical assistance and machine shop services at NHRA national and divisional events, rod shows and other street machine related extravaganzas throughout the United States.

Tim is one of the “good guys” in the business, devilvers amazing quality, and is always happy to talk through any questions you may have. If you’re thinking of getting a new clutch set up or any type of clutch service give Tim Hyatt a call.

Hyatt Racing Services, Inc.
25 Edwards St, Unit A 
Madison, OH 44057
Phone: (440) 417-0230

Liberty gears, home of the “Equalizer” clutchless 5 speed transmission used in both professional and sportsman catagories, offers a wide range of racing transmissions, transmission modification services and gear treatment processes. 

Based in Taylor Michigan, Liberty Gears will help you custom build a new transmission or modify your existing transmission to fit your particular application.   New products include the just released LSC 5000- an improved, redesigned “Doug Nash style” split-case 5 speed. Liberty will eliminate the worry about missed shifts by converting your existing transmission with the “pro-shifting” or “face-plating” options.

Liberty’s metal enhancement division can prolong the life of your transmission or ring gears with cryogenic processing, thermal stabilization, shot peening and surface enhancement.

Give Craig Liberty a call at 313-278-4040 to discuss your needs.

XS Power is a group of automotive enthusiasts who are focused on bringing the highest performance batteries, mobile audio alternators, and accessories to the racing, mobile audio, street performance, and specialty commercial markets. Their team is made of up SPL, SQ, drifting, drag racing, motorcycle, and off-road competitors as well as some talented engineers, chemists, and machinists. They are constantly looking for ways to make batteries lighter, more powerful, and more durable. At the same time they are developing the highest output alternators for mobile audio that are easy to install and reliable. They uniquely balance high performance and reliability with reasonable cost to make for the best value in a high performance battery. 

XS Power was established in 2005. From the beginning they have had a technological edge over our competitors because of their strong commitment to product testing. As has been said in NASCAR, “all the BS stops at the dyno.” The same is true for high performance batteries. They have an in-house testing lab, they employ the services of outside accredited labs, as well as outside experts to insure we bring you the best. When they put a label on a product you can count on it!

Mallory manufactures a complete line of racing ignition and fuel systems, including ignition boxes, distributors, magnetos, ignition wires, caps, rotors, fuel pumps and regulators. Hyfire CD high output multispark ignition systems give you digital performance at analog prices! Built-in adjustable rev limiter. Works with points, OEM or aftermarket or magnetic crank triggers. Mallory has been a leading manufacturer of automotive and marine distributors for over 75 years. No other company can cover such a wide range of applications. Mallory spark plug wire sets are available for applications stock to pro stock. Mallory high performance mechanical and electric fuel systems are available to fit any application and budget.

Go to to view the 150 page Mallory catalog or call (216) 688-8300 for the Mallory Technical services Department M-F 830-6 EST for help.

Producer of SFI rated lightweight steel bellhousings, flexplates, flywheels and valve covers since 1999. All products are proudly manufactured in the USA ! Applications include strip, street and circle track. QuickTime bellhousings are spun of high grade steel, not stamped or rolled, allowing the most dimensionally stable housings available. Over 70 models in stock. QuickTime lightweight flexplates are SFI 29.1 certified. Tested to 12,500 RPM. Made of HSLA 60 grade steel and zinc plated for corrosion protection, they are the lighest flexplate available anywhere. want to know more?

Go to to download the catalog or call (614) 673-4468

Lakewood has been a leader in safety and suspension products for over 25 years. Lakewood bellhousings are SFI spec rated and hydroformed for maximum strength and safety and have more specific applications than any competitor. Lakewood safety block plates can save you from expensive engine damage in the event of a clutch explosion.

The Lakewood line also includes traction bars, driveshaft safety loops, u-joints, rear control arms, drag shocks and struts. Call (216) 688-8300 for technical help department.

On the street, or track, in the dirt and on the water, race after race, record holders in every class have proven the exceptional performance, durability and long term dependability of Hays Clutches. With more than 40 years of research, development and testing, Hays has emerged as the leader in clutch performance technology. With Hays Performance Clutches, you can be assured of a product manufactured from the finest quality materials and workmanship available. Billet steel, Billet aluminum flywheels, organic and sintered iron clutch discs, flexplates, Hays has it all covered. From AMCs to Pontiacs , cars and trucks, street, street/strip, race applications are in the 48 page Hays Clutch catalog. Diaphragm, Borg & Beck, Long style designs for every application. Hays Mark XII three and six lever pressure plates as well as Mountain Motor Slider Clutches are available as well. 

Call Roy Story at the Hays Clutch Technical Department (216) 658-6313 M-F 830-5 EST or go to to download the catalog

Long’s Machine and Tool, parent company of G-Force and Long shifters, has been producing high performance transmissions and shifters used by many drag racing, circle track and road racers for more than 15 years. Over 60 dedicated, highly skilled employees use CNC machining technology and computerized inspection equipment throughout the entire production and assembly process to assure optimal accuracy. There is NO compromise when it comes to quality. G Force transmissions are stronger, lighter and more efficient. The GF-5R and GF-2000 clutchless 5 speed transmissions utilize a facetooth engagement system to ensure reliable shifting at speeds exceeding 14000 RPM. All gears are made from military grade 9310 high nickel alloy steel. In addition to superior gear design, the GF-5R and GF-2000 clutchless 5 speed utilize a rail shift fork and split-case design with bearing supports that are strategically placed for maximum stiffness and low friction roller bearings are incorporated in all gears and main shafts.

Long Shifters are the industry standard, made of durable heat-treated steel. Each unit is hand built and is available for 4,5,6 speed applications, Pistol Grip or standard ball.

Go to to download the newest catalog or call (717) 202-8367 to speak with the transmission professionals at G force.

ACCEL has been an industry leader in ignition innovation since the early 1970s. ACCEL Billet distributors, caps, rotors, Super coils, spark plug wire sets, control modules are well known in racing. ACCEL has taken the lead in the development of digtal CD ignition systems. The 500+ digital pro street/race ignition controller is state of the art. The new ACCEL DFI complete manifold and electronic fuel injection systems are available for most applications. ACCEL programmable engine management systems allow you get maximize the performance of your gas, nitrous and diesel engine.

Go to and browse through the incredible 234 page ACCEL catalog.

Racing Fuel: For more than 30 years, their passionate dedication to technological development through R&D has set VP apart from every other race fuel company. As if nearly 70 blends weren’t enough, VP recently has introduced two new fuel blends-VP113 and Q16-and two new methanol blends-M3 and M5-that establish a whole new paradigm for power and consistency in sportsman drag racing. VP is sure to have a fuel that can optimize the performance for your application.

VP Synthetic Racing Oils:
With VP’s R S Racing Synthetics, every molecule of every component is selected based on its contribution to maximum performance — not cost. As a result, these oils produce the most power and lowest wear of any racing oil made.

VP Traction Compound: Lane Choice 6TM Track Adhesive:
VP’s premier traction compound! While competitors are generally getting by with 20-year old technology, Lane Choice 6TM is the product of intense and detailed R&D conducted over the last six years. In heads up testing against every other competitive product, Lane Choice 6TM won every time!

To find out how UMTR North can be a part of your company’s marketing efforts please contact Mike Loboda at or (440) 832-0786 to receive a detailed sponsorship proposal. With a dedicated racer membership base and a die-hard group of fan’s you can’t find a more cost-effective target market.