Until the 2020 Racers banquet


Due to the circumstances with the ongoing pandemic it is with much sadness to say we will need to postpone the upcoming champions banquet.  We have had some members that are currently in quarantine due to being positive for COVID-19 and members that are leery about attending an indoor function at this time,  we have decided that it would be best to postpone.  We are looking into dates late February to middle of March.  

First and foremost the health and safety of everyone is our first concern, so please understand this decisions has not come easily.  To those of you that have mailed your payments we can hold onto them uncashed until the new date has been determined, those of you that paid via PayPal we will leave it sit there untouched also or will issue a refund.  

Please advise Darlene @ 216-244-1304 or via Facebook messenger.  This is not what we had hoped for, but will try our best to Celebrate our Champions.

Special thanks to our photographers:
Steve Stanley, John Ulman, Paul Kruger, Moira Fellows and Jim Coletta.

Drag racing like it use to be…..

Don’t expect boring delay boxed, throttle stopped automatics.

You won’t find lifeless cookie-cutter dragsters here.

This is jaw-dropping, high-winding, wheel-standing, bumper dragging, ring gear stripping, clutch blowing, stick shift, door-slammer drag racing!!!!!!!

That’s right! The wild, unpredictable days of sportsman stick shift racing are BACK!!!!!

What’s more fun than driving or watching stick shift cars?



Because ANYTHING can happen!!!

The race isn’t over until the finish line.

Funny car style burnouts, high-reving dry hops, screaming 8000+ rpm wheels up launches.

Want more?

How about “out of shape” wheel-stands in 2nd and 3rd gear??

Yeah, they ARE frequent!!

THAT is why fans run to the fences and stand 2-3 deep when the stick cars are called up to staging.


Check back for the 2021 UMTR North schedule to find a stick shift show at a track near you!!!!

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