Frank Madonia

Class: Quick Stick

Car Number: 4157

Car Color: Black

Year, Make & Model: 1963 Chevy Corvette

Engine Size: 540

Transmission: Lenco 4-Speed

Clutch: Crower Pro Sportsman 10″ Dual Disc

Chassis Info: Tim McAmis Pro Stock chassis kit; built by Frank’s Garage

How long have you been racing: I started in 1973 and 2019 was my first full season with UMTR.

Favorite track: Every track that welcomes UMTR.

Sponsors: Frank’s Garage

Special thanks to: My wife of 30 years, Trish, and these great helpers: Dan Tartabini, Mike Willis, Walter Paul, Tim Ringgenberg, Nick Iarussi, Elroy Miller…

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