I picked up a new s...

I picked up a new sponsor!  

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I dropped Tire Barn as a sponsor and have a MUCH better deal with Sullivan Tire. I talked to Craig Sullivan at Indy on 4/18, a test and tune and he remembered way back when I started out at Bunker Hill and raced against me in Sportsman. He now runs a rail in Super Pro. I mentioned that he should sponsor me. We talked it over and now it is official. He has stores in Danville, IN and Avon IN too. Mike Bagley, another Super Pro driver of a rail dragster is his shop manager in Avon and I was racing at Bunker Hill when he started out. They do a LOT more than just tires. Nothing against TB, but they started NOT living up to their full agreement that has been in place since 1990.

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Posted : 02/05/2012 5:18 pm