UMTR, the United Manual Transmission Racers was established in Cincinnati Ohio by Karl Thiele in 2003. Unwilling to lower themselves to delay boxes, throttle stops and automatic transmissions, die-hard stick shift racers there desired to preserve and promote the “lost art” of manual transmission drag racing. They wanted an arena in which to compete man to man. These dedicated racers wanted to recreate the rowdy, untamed era of the gasser wars and modified production eliminator. That by-gone age that made you fall in love with drag racing in the first place. Yes, drag racing like it used to be…… 

In the spring of 2005, a small group of like-minded racers decided the time was ripe to bring this exciting style of racing to northern Ohio , an area historically known for it’s large number of stick shift cars. How right they were. The first UMTR North race – “The Gear Jammers Bash” – took place on September 24th at Thompson Raceway Park . Hoping to see 16 stick cars compete, everyone was stunned to find 43 stick cars from 6 states ready to do battle. Over 500 spectators were on hand to witness the best drag racing this area has seen in at least 25 years. The response from local track owners was immediate — they too realized the great potential of this phenomenon. Each year the series grows in car count as well as spectator and sponsor interest. In 2009, our fourth full racing season, UMTR North booked a traveling stick shift show circuit that included 9 races at 7 drag strips: Thompson, Marion Cunty, National Trail, Pacemakers and Quaker City, Milan and Edgewater raceways. Racer participation was fantastic, with an average car count of 60. Spectator interest was amazing, with each event drawing between 400 and 2000+ stick shift crazy fans !!! 

Our list of sponsoring major manufacturers continues to grow; with the Mr. Gasket Co: Hays, Lakewood , ACCEL , Mallory and Mickey Thompson Tires and Wheels supporting this exciting series from the start. More recently, Liberty Gears, G Force Transmissions, Long Shifters, Quick Time Inc., RAM Clutches, Harlow Racing Tires and Wheels, Hyatt Racing Services. New for 2010; Summit Racing Equipment, XS Batteries, Lincoln Electric and RJS Safety Equipment. Their contingency programs will result in speed product giveaways valued at more than $ 20,000 dollars !!!!! 

The concept is simple: stick shift cars running a dial-in, bracket style format. Stick shift only time trials, stick shift only eliminations. Two classes: QuickStick Class for cars 11.99 and under. StreetStick class for street/strip cars of any ET. Affordable — QuickStick: 50 bucks get the car and driver in. For StreetStick, it’s just 25 bills. Competition is fierce but friendly- in most seasons, the champions are not crowned until the last race of the year ! Payouts are generous, back to 2nd round winners. 

Over $ 20,000 dollars in payouts for the year in 2012!

The 2010 UMTR North season will bring the excitement of stick shift racing to Pittsburgh Raceway Park , adding yet another state to the tour. And so it continues- more stick shift cars, more races, more participating tracks, more spectators. We will race a circuit that includes 10 races at 8 tracks. Special races for UMTR North in 2013 include: 

  • UMTR North Season Opener – May 11th at Milan Dragway in Milan, MI
  • UMTR North Points Race – June 29th at Pacemakers Dragway in Mt. Vernon, OH
  • UMTR 5th annual “STICK SHIFT SUMMERNATIONALS” – July 27th at National Trail Raceway in Columbus OH
    A chance for the UMTR North and South chapters to battle in a central Ohio location. This event routinely draws 100+ stick cars!
  • UMTR North Points Race – August 3rd at Quaker City Motorsports Park in Salem, OH
  • UMTR 9th annual “Gear Jammers Bash and 5th annual Nona Breedlove Memorial Race” – August 31st at Thompson Raceway Park
    The grand daddy and original of all UMTR North stick shift races. You can expect 90+ gear bangers to show for this DOUBLE POINTS RACE!!!!!
  • “PID Reunion and UMTR North/Pro Stick Race” September 28th & 29th – Pittsburgh Raceway in Pittsburgh, PA
    Both days are UMTR North Points Races

So, are you tired of going to the same old car cruises and seeing the same old cars and talking to the same old people? Sick of being sucked into a “nostalgia” race only to watch a bunch of straight axle automatic transmission gasser wannabes slush their way down the track? Are you ready for the REAL thing….Jaw dropping, high winding, wheelstanding, bumper dragging, ring gear stripping, clutch blowing STICK SHIFT DRAG RACING !!!!!! 

Check the 2013 UMTR North schedule for a show at a track near YOU !!!!


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